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How to Get Started

The objective of the Academic Improvement (AIM) Plan is to help students on academic probation develop strategies and skills that will improve their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) as they work towards getting off of academic probation.

If you are on academic probation and wish to learn more about what AIM has to offer, please read the Introductory Letter and view the AIM Orientation Video found below.

Fall 2017 Introductory Letter

AIM Orientation Video

After you have viewed the video:

1. Print the SMART Goals Handout from the link below and complete it using the information you obtained from the video. You   will bring this handout to your next AIM appointment. 

2. Make an appointment to complete the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI).

  • Look at the Fall 2017 LASSI Schedule in the link below, and select a one-hour block of time to come in to the Learning Center to complete the LASSI survey and speak with an AIM staff member. 
  • Then email us at letting us know when you would like to come in. This is just so we have an idea of how many students to expect during these times, not to grant or reject approval of your selected time.

3. Finally, come in during your chosen hour to get started in AIM and begin working towards getting off of academic probation.

What Resources Are Provided Through AIM?

  • An orientation to AIM. An online orientation is available to students who are on academic probation at the beginning of the semester . An overview of the AIM plan requirements is provided.
  • An Individualized Success Plan.  Each student will meet with a staff member in the Learning Center to determine an Individualized Success Plan. At this point, students will take the LASSI to determine what areas they need to focus on for success. The student and staff member together will create an individual plan for success that is costomized for that specific student.
  • Online workshops. College success workshops are provided online for students to peruse at their convenience.  Topics will include Time Management, Note-taking Strategies, Tips for Approaching College Textbooks, College Exam Strategies, and Dealing with College Stress.
  • Access to Peer Tutors. Students on academic probation will be encouraged to meet regularly with peer tutors to work on specific content areas in which they may need assistance.
  • Access to study skills tutoring and/or a Learning Specialist. Students on academic probation will be encouraged to work with either a Graduate Assistant or a Learning Specialist to develop more effective strategies to succeed in the college environment.
  • Monthly email reminders. Students will receive information about workshops and tutoring services on a monthly basis.